Vị trí Scrum Master

Scrum Master

Job Description

- Drive adoption and rollout of Agile and modern software design and engineering practices such as test driven development, continuous integration and release automation (CI/R), and automated testing

- Plan and manage the risks, issues, costs and schedule following the Agile framework and principles

- Work closely with the Business Users / Product Owners in Sprint/Release planning to prioritize the product features and releases

- Lead the Project / Scrum team in design methods and principles, adopting a standard for issue and risk management as well as the management of the product backlog and inventory

- Provide guidance and direction to the team to ensure effective and continuous delivery pipeline with the appropriate level of automation

Job Requirement

- Experience in traditional project management as well as Agile methods (Scrum, XP or Kanban)

- Strong problem solving skills

- Strong interpersonal skills to gain cooperation from a wide variety of sources, including senior management, team members and other departments

- Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment

- Ability to react to project adjustments and alterations promptly and efficiently

- Ability to work with cross-functional development team

Ứng tuyển vị trí
15,000,00025,000,000 VNĐ
Loại hình công việc
Địa chỉ
Hạn nộp hồ sơ
03/07 — 31/08/2019
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